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Comunify helps thought & community leaders convert their followers & members into co-creative, income recurring & positive impact communities. 

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The World needs the power of Community more than ever....

The time is now to really live your purpose….

..gather community around your biggest passion and make your biggest impact.

For those thought,  community leaders  and connectors interested in creating recurring income communities of positive impact……

…….that don’t overwhelm them with content creation or community moderation, we are here for you!

We are looking to support communities that can create positive impact in the world as well as provide sustainable recurring income.​

The world becomes more resilient and when it is interconnected...

The most valuable thing you can bring to a group of like-minded people, is the connection to each other.

It has never been easier to host a networked global community.

Launch your self-managing, income recurring community by

...turning creative online events....

....into sustainable, global communities.

Be supported to live your creative life
while you connect likeminded people.

We are a social enterprise community committed to support growing and connecting the world’s vital networks. 

Comunify is its own membership community for Community Builders.

While creating our own communities, we gathered the knowledge, resources (platforms and licences) and now the training.

How can Comunify help my community ?

Comunify is a community of thought leaders and tech visionaries open to support other thought leaders, changemakers and content creators to build impactful & profitable  communities without the overheads of lots of time or money.

We help you in creating sustainable communities where the content comes from your community members knowing and supporting each other.

We help content experts to grow their community as a whole through their mindset, not have members them dependent on your constant content.

These are the kinds of interconnected and sustainable communities and connections the world needs today, on platforms you fully control.

We are platform agnostic, but have access to many virtual event and virtual conference and community  networking platforms to gather your new or existing communities, up to 100k audience.

From these events, you can plan to offer an experience of your community membership.

Once people have met, it is much easier to invite them to stay connected through your community platform. 

Comunify is platform agnostic, so that we can guide you fully in using the right platform for your community 

The kinds of features we will recommend in your community platform include: 

* Native Apple & Android Social Network App for your Community
* A Membership system
* Private messaging system to Desktop & Mobile)
* Online Courses platform (Single or Multi-instructors like Udemy) 
* Gamification (points)
* Email marketing
* Crowdfunding 
* Online shop
* Own domain

* Full support offered in building and supporting your community platform and events.

Community memberships are win/win business for members and community leaders. 

Memberships have also shown to be sustainable and crisis proof. 

By creating a valuable, global interconnected community, even charging just $7/m  can bring in $7000/m for a reasonably sized community.

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