Transform your community into a self-managing, membership with steady revenue with our Trailblazer program, powered by AI

The World today really needs the Collective Wisdom that Communities can create

The time is now to really live your purpose around your biggest passion

…gather the community of people you relate to most and make your biggest impact.

For thought & community leaders wanting to create recurring income communities of positive impact……

…and Communites that are Self-Managing so they don’t overwhelm you with content creation or community moderation, we are here for you!

Introducing our New Community Launch Group Program​

🚀Embark on a transformative journey with our community coaching program designed for visionary community leaders.🚀

🔓Unlock the full potential of your community with our Interconnected Community Plan & Launch Framework, which provides a solid foundation for creating a sustainable and scaleable membership-based community.🔓

🎯 Our Comunify Trailblazers program is specifically designed to guide you through a highly converting and validating Launch Event, fully supported by our expert Community Membership coach Daniel Herrera. 

During this pivotal founding members’ event, your attendees will validate your membership idea, instilling confidence and providing the necessary budget to invest in a custom-tailored Community Platform that best suits your needs. 🎯

👥 Daniel will guide you in confidence and with inspiration during your two 1-1 sessions, as well as 8 group coaching sessions held over three months. This format offers a balance between intensive learning and time for implementation or 121 coaching. 👥

🌟With the Comunify Trailblazers program, you’ll gain access to a robust Membership Launch System that can be repeated and scaled to reach your community’s full potential.

Join us today 🤝and start your journey toward building a thriving, interconnected community that truly embodies the spirit of “Thrive with your Tribe.”

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What steady revenue could my membership community create?

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Potential ANNUAL Membership Revenue $
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Revenue potential based on converting 20% of your current followers.

Who is this for?

We thrive on partnering with communities and individuals who share our values and vision.
If you resonate with any of the following, join us for a transformative journey:

Early-stage communities..

....focused on driving positive change while achieving financial stability, but who would really appreciate the ideation and motivational guidance to fuel their journey towards success.

Visionary leaders & Changemakers

...who aspire to create meaningful positive change within their communities and provide sustainable growth.

Consultants and coaches..

..who are passionate about evolving their existing community into a sustainable income-generating ecosystem through a carefully crafted strategy that ensures steady member engagement.

Purpose-driven trailblazers, builders & thought leaders..

...committed to turning their passion into thriving, self-managing communities of collective intelligence .

Community volunteers & ambassadors..

...eager to roll up their sleeves and transform their early-stage or growing communities into self-sustaining, interconnected, and financially stable ecosystems.

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Full Payment
3 Months Community Virtual Hangout Space

About Comunify

We are a dedicated social enterprise community with a mission to empower, grow, and connect the world’s essential networks.

Comunify represents a unique membership community designed specifically for Community Builders.

Through the process of building our own communities, we’ve accumulated valuable knowledge, resources (including platforms and licenses), and now offer comprehensive training to support your success.

About your Coach

Any Questions?

You will get a 12 weeks of one-to-one and group community coaching and sprints which will produce a Minimum Viable Community Membership Plan, Launch Event & Idea for a Launch Platform that aims to get you.

  • A confirmed income projection and budget to build exactly the community platform you know your members will pay for.

  • An activity plan where members will self-manage through the membership and not rely on your constant content.

  • A business model that is future-proof to work on any platform or future metaverse.

If you already have a community platform or a paying community but it is not yet self-managing or generating sufficient income, we can still work with you. Our program focuses on developing a business model that promotes profitability and self-management.

We’ll help you optimize your existing platform features and membership offerings to enhance your community’s overall performance and better serve your members’ needs.

If you have at least 100 people in your email list or social media who are specifically interested in your potential community idea, then you are welcome to join this program.

Do you consider yourself one of the people in the Who is this For section?

Even if you don’t have a community idea or enough followers yet, we can still work with you. In such cases, you might need to utilize some of your one-to-one coaching sessions to gain clarity on your community concept and audience-building strategies.

Afterward, if you feel the need for additional support, we can discuss the option of adding extra one-to-one coaching sessions to your program to help you further develop your community and attract more followers.

A Minimum Viable Community (MVC) is a carefully designed membership plan that includes essential features and offerings tailored to validate your idea before you spend any time or money building the community further.

It also allows you to co-create your community based on the needs and preferences of your target audience. It serves as the foundation for building your community and allows you to gain valuable feedback from early adopters.

This initial version enables members to sign up directly and start experiencing the benefits of your community, providing you with insights to further refine and expand your offerings based on real user experiences and feedback.

When members are included in the creation of your program, they are more likely to be very loyal in building it with you. 

Each coaching one-to-one and group session typically lasts for 60 minutes but can go over if agreed by everyone. The best thing is to come to each session with clear questions you want to tackle in the session. 

Yes, you can schedule your coaching sessions according to your convenience and preferred pace. While we suggest completing the program in three months, you’re free to extend the duration if you need more time.

We recommend completing the program within three months for optimal results. However, we understand that individual needs and schedules may vary, so you can take longer if necessary.

Once you’ve signed up for the Comunify Trailblazers program, you can schedule your sessions with your coach by visiting this link: Choose from the available slots based on your convenience.


We understand that our participants may have varying schedules, so we strive to find group coaching times that best match the availability of the current cohort.

Additionally, we offer asynchronous communication options, where participants can send and receive video screenshares from the lead coach and you’ll get continuous feedback that way if they are unable to attend the live sessions.

Please note that this group program is focused on helping you achieve tangible results in launching your community, rather than just discussing it.

We are committed to providing a supportive and flexible learning environment to ensure your success.

We understand the importance of feeling safe to talk about your ideas and maintaining confidentiality.

All participants will be invited to keep the confidentiality of the group sessions amongst themselves.

You have the option to discuss sensitive topics primarily during your one-to-one coaching sessions, where confidentiality is ensured.

While participating in group coaching sessions, you can choose what to share and what to keep private. Generally, participants are focused on building their own communities and are unlikely to replicate others’ ideas.

However, it’s important to remember that there can be significant benefits from sharing and learning from the experiences of fellow community leaders.

The option to pay for the program in instalments is only via Paypal as that pays for the program in full, but you pay over 3 months.

The offer dependent on your PayPal account and its features. Installment payments are typically available for users in the US, UK, and Europe.

If you’re unable to access this payment option, it may be due to the limitations of your specific PayPal account or because you have a new account. To resolve this issue or inquire about instalment options, please contact PayPal’s customer support directly for further assistance.

The Paypal invoice is in Euros but you will be it will be converted to your currency via Paypal. 

Please do not use Paypal to pay for the program in full, as this is a very costly way to pay. Please Use the Middle Payment option to pay in full.

We understand that circumstances may change, and we want to ensure that you’re confident in your decision to join our program.

We offer a 14-day cancellation period from the start of the program. If you find that the program isn’t the right fit for you within the first 14 days, you can cancel your membership and receive a full refund.

Please do raise any concerns first though to see if we can work out how to clarify or help you with your concern. 

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