Transform Your existing community...into a self-managing & income- recurring one...

.....that grows your community sustainably without spending more hours on it.

Case Study

Our Spanish speaking woman's Social Network we recently launched, went from 0 to 75 paying members in 1 week, earning up to €3,000 per month in passive income following this framework:

9/10 SCORE
 in our Event Feedback Net Promotor Score.

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What are we going to do together?

Your roadmap journey in 6 steps will provide you a clear path of what to offer your community to make it sustainable and successful

For those community leaders or connectors interested in creating sustainable communities……

…….that don’t overwhelm them with content creation or community moderation, this is the workshop for you!

We are looking to support communities that can create positive impact in the world  as well as provide sustainable recurring income.​

What will you get from this workshop?

Your  own personal, fillable Miro board with a MINIMUM VIABLE COMMUNITY Roadmap Plan to test with your community:


About Comunify

We are a social enterprise community committed to support growing and connecting the world’s vital networks. 

Comunify is its own membership community for Community Builders.

While creating our own communities, we gathered the knowledge, resources (platforms and licences) and now the training.

Who is this for?

We are consciously organising this workshop for a certain group of people.

Come join us if think you are any of the following:

Early-stage communities..

..that drive positive change and would want to be financially stable at the same time

Vision-focused communities..

..that want to come up with a sustainable business model which aligns with their purpose and creates successful connections and long-term relationships among their members

Consultants and coaches..

..who want to transform their existing community into a profitable one through a planned-out concept that can guarantee paid sign-ups!

Founders, builders, thought leaders..

..who have their communities that drive positive change. They don't want to miss out on coming up with the most sustainable business model that brings both their personal purpose and the community's mission to one place

Community volunteers, ambassadors..

..who are part of these early-stage or growing communities. They are ready to roll up their sleeves to turn their community into a self-sustaining, interconnected, and financially stable one

About your Host

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9/10 SCORE  
in our Event Feedback Net Promotor Score.


* Money back guarantee is dependent on your community idea not able to be a self-managing (internconnected) community.
A quick call to discuss preferred.